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Returning to Work? Yes, you CAN continue to exclusively breastfeed!

 We're pleased to share this guest post from Wendy Armbruster Bell.  Wendy is the Founder & Creative Director of Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear, creators of the PTPA Award-Winning PumpEase hands-free pumping bras. As the end of your maternity leave fast approaches, nursing mothers have a number of choices to maintain their breastfeeding… Continue Reading >

Baby “sunnyside up?” Listen to our podcast on how you can avoid or change it

Did you know the position of your baby in pregnancy and in labor?  If your baby was posterior (also known as “sunnyside up”), it may have had a big effect on your labor and birth.  Back labor, anyone?What can you do in pregnancy to keep your baby in the anterior position?  And can you change the position of the baby once labor has… Continue Reading >

Motherlove's organic farm is "a dream come true"

You may remember that back in April Motherlove announced that we are now the proud operators of a 120 acre organic farm near our offices in Colorado.Our Legacy Organic Farm will supply us with local, sustainable, certified organic herbs for Motherlove as well as grow traditional organic grains and vegetables.  It’s a dream come true for… Continue Reading >

Tandem nursing? Here are some great resources

Are you pregnant and nursing?  Expecting to be nursing a newborn and a toddler?  Expecting twins?Tandem nursing is increasingly common practice, but resources for support and information can be hard to find.  We thought we’d share some of our favorite resources on tandem nursing.Adventures in Tandem Nursing.  The only book written on… Continue Reading >