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Keeping up your supply when your baby won’t nurse

Sometimes babies just won't nurse. For some, this behavior starts from birth and for others, it takes the form of a "nursing strike" sometime during breastfeeding. There are also instances where moms want to relactate for a baby who has weaned altogether.If your baby is refusing to nurse, you're probably pretty concerned about how to… Continue Reading >

Tips for pumping with larger breasts

If you're a large breasted nursing mom, you may have had some unique struggles finding nursing bras or nursing positions that are comfortable. What is often especially challenging however, is pumping! While the basics of breastfeeding and pumping remain the same, there are some different considerations for larger breasted women who are… Continue Reading >

The Galactagogue Recipe Book

For those of you looking to eat your way to a more robust milk supply, The Galactagogue Recipe Book may be the guide you're looking for!Written by a pharmacist and cook husband-and-wife team, this book contains over 200 recipes that include galactogenic herbs and grains. Each herb and grain is identified as either a major or minor… Continue Reading >