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Does your state Medicaid program cover donor milk for preterm babies?

Have you heard that New York may soon join California, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Utah, and Washington, D.C., in providing insurance coverage for pasteurized donor breastmilk for preterm and other medically needy infants?A bill currently on Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk would require that the New York Medicaid program pay for donor milk… Continue Reading >

No wasted pumped breastmilk!

 It's a thought that strikes fear in the heart of every pumping mom: wasting hard-earned breastmilk. We know moms who really have cried over spilled or wasted milk!Here are a few tips for making the most of your pumped milk, and avoid seeing any go down the drain:Freeze and defrost in small amounts. Freezing in small amounts (two… Continue Reading >