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Announcing Motherlove’s New Look!

Does something look a little different on the store shelves? We are thrilled to announce Motherlove’s redesigned packaging! We’ve kept the familiar blue bottles you’ve come to know and love, and have updated our label design with a fresh new look featuring custom illustrations of the primary herb used in each product. Our body care… Continue Reading >

Is pumping causing you pain?

Pumping should not hurt. And since few of us would say we enjoy logging hours with our pumps, painful pumping can feel like adding injury to insult.Unfortunately, discomfort while pumping is fairly common. Recent research found that about 27% of mothers found pumping uncomfortable, and an additional 15% experienced a pump-related… Continue Reading >

Bringing your preterm baby home – tips for making breastfeeding or pumping work

After a tough and stressful start, your preterm baby is "graduating" from the hospital and you can finally bring her home. Now what?Breastfeeding and breastmilk are even more important for preterm infants than full term infants, yet many mothers leave the hospital poorly prepared to face the challenges of breastfeeding or pumping for… Continue Reading >