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Motherlove’s ‘B Teams’

Since 2015, Motherlove is proud to be a certified B Corp! We’ve talked before about some of the practices we have in place that fit well with the mission of B Corp – our certified organic farm, certifications from ClimateWise, solar panels, our charitable giving program and our commitment to sustainability in our everyday practices. While… Continue Reading >

Motherlove’s Video Series - The History of Motherlove

In addition to our most recent video highlighting our three pillars, Motherlove worked with a local videographer, Aaron Colussi, to capture the history of Motherlove. As we’ve shared on our blog before and at countless shows and presentations, Motherlove was founded over 30 years ago by a young mother and herbalist, Kathryn Higgins. Our… Continue Reading >

Herb Sediments in Tinctures

We have had several customers recently wonder about a dark residue on the dropper when they open up a bottle of our tinctures. Some have even been concerned that it appears to be mold in the dropper!Fear not – what may appear to be mold in the dropper or inner seal of a Motherlove product is most assuredly NOT mold. So what is it? We are… Continue Reading >