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From Travel to Trees—How Motherlove Offsets Our Carbon

It is no secret that Motherlove cares for our environment — we are a Certified B Corp, we run on solar energy, we limit our use of plastic, and we love introducing more sustainable practices in our office every day, like eliminating paper napkins and straws.Another practice that we have had in place for a few years is that we also offset… Continue Reading >

Why no lanolin in Motherlove Nipple Cream?

When we talk about our best-selling Nipple Cream, we often say it’s ‘lanolin free’. This frequently raises the question, “why?”. Lanolin is in some widely available and well-known creams, so why did we choose to omit this common ingredient?What is lanolin?Lanolin is a natural wax coating on sheep wool that is removed by boiling the… Continue Reading >

Ten MORE breastfeeding myths

Written by Tanya, IBCLC   A few months ago we shared some ten common myths about breastfeeding. Unfortunately, there are many more worrisome myths about breastfeeding and we thought we'd debunk another ten below. Breastfeeding makes your hair fall out. It's common to lose more hair than usual after having a baby, usually at about three… Continue Reading >

When Should I Start Taking A Breastfeeding Supplement to Support My Milk Supply?

When preparing for baby, there can be a lot of planning going on - the nursery, the hospital bag, the diaper bag essentials and often, mothers who are choosing to breastfeed, want to prepare for that as well. This leads us to one of our most commonly asked questions, “when should I start taking one of your lactation products if I have a… Continue Reading >

How Long Should I Use Motherlove Supplements?

This is a very common question we get here at Motherlove, but there really isn't an easy answer since every mother is different. In general, this is what we recommend.We know many mothers who have taken our supplements the entire time they breastfeed but we also know many women who have successfully weaned themselves off of the products.… Continue Reading >