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Selecting Your Birth Team

Written by Sarah, IBCLC, CD, CBEDoula, Midwife, Obstetrician – Getting to know your birthing team optionsYou’re expecting – congratulations! Ah, but now you are conflicted with selecting your birth team, your birth plan, and probably a million other things that pop into your head once that pregnancy test came back positive. When… Continue Reading >

Prolactin And The Importance Of Nighttime Nursing or Pumping

Written by Wendy, IBCLC  Waking up to nurse your baby can be exhausting. After a while, most of us mamas get used to it, and babies and toddlers do eventually outgrow the need to nurse at night (when that is varies widely!). But when you are in it, it is so easy to feel irritated, defeated … and did I mention, exhausted?  Rest assured,… Continue Reading >

Video Series - How Nipple Cream is Made

 Motherlove began making our award-winning Nipple Cream in 1995. At that time, our founder Kathryn harvested the herbs from her own property and made the salve in crock pots in her kitchen. While the recipe for Nipple Cream hasn’t changed much since then, the demand, and therefore the methods of producing it, certainly have… Continue Reading >