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During a growth spurt, let the baby drive

You've been breastfeeding for a few weeks, and you're just starting to feel like you've got the hang of it.And then one day your baby wants to nurse around the clock.  She seems unsatisfied after feedings.  She's fussy at the breast, sometimes pulling away with a look of frustration.All of a sudden your growing sense of success turns… Continue Reading >

Founder Kathryn Higgins reflects on Motherlove’s growth as she prepares for new beginnings

It's with hearts filled with gratitude that we announce that, nearly thirty years after founding Motherlove Herbal Company in the kitchen of her mountain home, our CEO Kathryn Higgins is moving on to new adventures.  In November we celebrated this event with a "New Beginnings" party.In the years since Kathryn founded Motherlove the… Continue Reading >

Retailer Spotlight – Franklin Goose

Founded in 2009 as an online retailer, Franklin Goose is located in Richmond, Virginia and specializes in natural, organic and eco-friendly products. Owner Sheri Doyle realized quickly that their niche was to have extensive product knowledge, excellent customer service and to also play an active role in building the local community of… Continue Reading >

A Thanksgiving message of gratitude from Motherlove founder Kathryn Higgins

This Thanksgiving week, we're reflecting on the many things we have to be grateful for here at Motherlove.  We're so pleased to share this lovely message of gratitude from Motherlove founder Kathryn Higgins.  We wish you peace and joy this holiday!I give gratitude each morning for my health and the opportunity to find joy in each new… Continue Reading >

Feeling down after weaning?  You’re not alone.

When I stopped breastfeeding I had a few weeks of almost a depression where I didn't want to soothe my little one or do much of anything. After my normal hormones took back over and everything was balancing back out it all went back to normal.I kept thinking that it felt like the postpartum depression I had with my first, but it didn't… Continue Reading >

Mastitis, again?

We know how painful and frustrating it can be to have a breast infection.  And to add insult to injury, some moms struggle with multiple bouts of mastitis.  Between the pain, fever and chills, fatigue, and maddening feeling that it will never end, recurrent mastitis is a true challenge to the breastfeeding relationship.So we thought we'd… Continue Reading >

Motherlove is now 100% powered by the sun!

We are thrilled to share the news that Motherlove is now 100% (and then some) powered by the brilliant Colorado sun!If you know Motherlove, you know that we take our responsibility to the earth seriously.  For us, every day is Earth Day.  It's a value we've held since our founding in Kathryn Higgins' family home.It's long been a goal… Continue Reading >

Motherlove is now a certified B Corporation!

We are thrilled to announce that Motherlove Herbal Company is now a certified B Corporation!What does it mean to be a certified B Corp?  The B Corporation designation is awarded to companies which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and meet higher standards of social and environmental performance,… Continue Reading >

Did your milk come in late?  Are you concerned that it will?

Having your milk come in late (defined as more than 72 hours after birth) can be frustrating and sometimes scary.  And research shows that it can be a real barrier to meeting your breastfeeding goals.Unfortunately it's also fairly common.  The CDC reports that one in four mothers experience a delay in milk coming in - one in three for… Continue Reading >

How to stop using a nipple shield

Moms start using nipple shields for many reasons.  Sometimes it's because of flat or inverted nipples.  Sometimes it's for latch difficulty or a disorganized suck.  Sometimes it's to get a bottle-fed baby back to the breast, or for an overactive let down.Whatever the reason, once babies get used to using a nipple shield it's fairly… Continue Reading >

Does size matter?  How breast storage capacity can affect breastfeeding

Does size matter?  This is a question moms have asked for generations.When it comes to making enough milk for your baby, the answer is flatly no.  It's long been clear that women with small breasts can make just as much milk as women with large breasts.  With the exception of moms who have insufficient glandular tissue, size just doesn't… Continue Reading >

Ten ways to encourage let down while pumping

If you're a pumping mom you know that getting your milk to let down is the key to getting a good volume of milk.  We know that pumping is probably not any mom's idea of a good time, and that it's particularly frustrating when you can't get your milk to let down. So we'd like to offer some tips to help you get your milk to let down,… Continue Reading >