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Breastfeeding without birthing: A podcast on breastfeeding after adoption or surrogacy

We're very pleased to share a new podcast interview with Alyssa Schnell, author of Breastfeeding Without Birthing. Alyssa talked with Tanya about what it' s like to breastfeed an adopted baby or a baby born via surrogacy.  They discussed inducing lactation, latching and attaching, and even the baby's need to grieve the loss of their birth… Continue Reading >

What is power pumping?

Ever heard of power pumping?  Some moms swear by it for increasing milk supply.Power pumping (also called cluster pumping) is pumping in a series of ten minute sessions - ten minutes pumping, ten minutes off - over the course of an hour, one session each day.  It’s typically used when mothers experience a temporary dip in supply, not as… Continue Reading >

Our Legacy Organic Farm

Motherlove literally began around our kitchen table. Kathryn had been growing herbs and teaching others to use them for years, and when she became pregnant and gave birth to Silencia, the products she made for herself and gave to friends were so popular that people begged her to sell them. So she did – and Motherlove was born.We’ve… Continue Reading >

Nettle:  It may sting, but it's a friend to your milk supply

While stinging nettle can be painful to touch, it’s a plant that is very friendly to a mother’s milk supply!There are many species of nettle, but stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is probably the best known.  It’s native to much of the world, and has long been used as to support milk supply, as a food, and as a treatment for a variety of… Continue Reading >

Breast massage: What is it, why do it, and is it necessary?

Have you heard about breast massage?It’s a traditional practice in Japan and some other Asian countries, and it’s used in a number of different forms here.  But what is it, and why do it?  And is it necessary?In Japan breast massage is practiced to increase breastmilk quantity and “quality.”  There, it is performed by specially… Continue Reading >

Uncovering "First Food Deserts:"  A podcast interview with Kimberly Seals Allers

Have you heard the term “food desert?”  It means a place where people have poor access to stores selling healthy food.  As a result, residents of these communities are hard pressed to eat in a way that supports their health.Now let’s think about how that term applies to the first food, breastmilk.  In order for babies to have access to… Continue Reading >

I need help with my milk supply.  Which Motherlove product is right for me?

At Motherlove we’ve created a number of different formulas to support breast milk supply which meet varied and specific needs.*These formulas are carefully composed to address different causes of low milk supply and different situations.  They use combinations of herbs to balance and enhance their effects.Which one is right for you? … Continue Reading >

Herbs to ease labor, birth, and recovery

Herbs can be very useful during labor and after birth to ease pain, calm emotions, and help speed recovery.  The herbs described below have been use for years by midwives and birthing women.* Blue cohosh and black cohosh are two herbs that work synergistically to bring on labor, but do not use them prior to 39 weeks of pregnancy.… Continue Reading >

Alfalfa:  Not just for sandwiches anymore!

Most of us know alfalfa from our sandwiches and salads.  But this familiar plant is also useful in increasing milk supply!Alfalfa is a many-branched plant with square stems and leaves composed of three leaflets.  It has blue to purple flowers turn into spiral coiled seedpods.  Alfalfa grows to a height of up to three feet, and its deep… Continue Reading >

Worried about breastfeeding the second time around?  Listen to our latest podcast

We know that many of you have had challenging breastfeeding experiences with your first babies.  And when it comes time to consider breastfeeding again, it can be a daunting prospect.That’s why we think you’ll enjoy this podcast with the author of Breastfeeding Take Two:  Successful Breastfeeding the Second Time Around.  Tanya talked… Continue Reading >

Could African American moms’ breastmilk hold the keys to preventing breast cancer?

Note:  If you’re an African American nursing mom living anywhere in the country and interested in donating breastmilk for this research, please contact Beth Punska at (413) 545-0813, or email her at epunska@vasci.umass.edu. More information is also at the study website. If you’re not nursing, please consider joining the Love/Avon… Continue Reading >

Blessed Thistle:  A traditional friend to nursing mothers

Blessed Thistle is an old friend to nursing mothers, so we thought we’d take a moment to share a bit about this versatile plant.Blessed Thistle (Cnicus Benedictus, also known as St. Benedict’s thistle, holy thistle or spotted thistle), may have gotten its name from its use as a tonic by monks in the Middle Ages.Its use dates to the… Continue Reading >