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Nurtured and Nuzzled: A new children’s book on nursing

A few years ago, we shared our list of children's books on breastfeeding. At the time, we noted that for many years there were few children’s books that portrayed breastfeeding but happily, that number has recently grown.Today we are pleased to share a new addition to that list: Nurtured and Nuzzled.  It's a rhyming bilingual… Continue Reading >

Announcing Motherlove’s New Look!

Does something look a little different on the store shelves? We are thrilled to announce Motherlove’s redesigned packaging! We’ve kept the familiar blue bottles you’ve come to know and love, and have updated our label design with a fresh new look featuring custom illustrations of the primary herb used in each product. Our body care… Continue Reading >

Is pumping causing you pain?

Pumping should not hurt. And since few of us would say we enjoy logging hours with our pumps, painful pumping can feel like adding injury to insult.Unfortunately, discomfort while pumping is fairly common. Recent research found that about 27% of mothers found pumping uncomfortable, and an additional 15% experienced a pump-related… Continue Reading >

Bringing your preterm baby home – tips for making breastfeeding or pumping work

After a tough and stressful start, your preterm baby is "graduating" from the hospital and you can finally bring her home. Now what?Breastfeeding and breastmilk are even more important for preterm infants than full term infants, yet many mothers leave the hospital poorly prepared to face the challenges of breastfeeding or pumping for… Continue Reading >

Dip in milk supply? Try a babymoon.

Even when nursing is going well and you've settled into a good routine, things can happen that cause your supply to dip. Things like going back to work, your period returning, or coming down with a case of mastitis. All of these circumstances (among others) can cause your supply to suddenly decline.There is a simple, low-tech fix for… Continue Reading >

Can you have a mammogram or biopsy while breastfeeding?

Have you ever been referred for a mammogram or breast biopsy while nursing? If you have, you may have been told that those procedures aren't possible during breastfeeding, and that you'll have to wean first. This is truly unfortunate, because both procedures can be done while breastfeeding – as can an MRI, and even breast surgery.It… Continue Reading >

Five reasons to try tandem breastfeeding

Photo credit to Maggie Cuprisin Photography       If you are a breastfeeder and planning to have more children, you have probably wondered how getting pregnant will affect your current breastfeeding relationship. There are mountains of misinformation being spread about breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem nursing. The reality is that… Continue Reading >

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

We are so happy to be celebrating breastfeeding again this year, and thought we'd suggest some ways you can join in the fun. In the spirit of this year's theme – breastfeeding as a key to sustainable development – most of these ideas are free or low cost, and environmentally-friendly.Join a Global Big Latch On event! On August 5th and… Continue Reading >

Does your state Medicaid program cover donor milk for preterm babies?

Have you heard that New York may soon join California, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Utah, and Washington, D.C., in providing insurance coverage for pasteurized donor breastmilk for preterm and other medically needy infants?A bill currently on Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk would require that the New York Medicaid program pay for donor milk… Continue Reading >

No wasted pumped breastmilk!

 It's a thought that strikes fear in the heart of every pumping mom: wasting hard-earned breastmilk. We know moms who really have cried over spilled or wasted milk!Here are a few tips for making the most of your pumped milk, and avoid seeing any go down the drain:Freeze and defrost in small amounts. Freezing in small amounts (two… Continue Reading >

Mastitis is never fun.

Mastitis is never fun. Pain, flu-like symptoms, and an often fussy baby make it one of the most dreaded breastfeeding problems. And to add insult to injury, when it's all over many moms discover that their milk supply on the affected breast has declined significantly.Here are a few things you can do to protect and rebuild your supply… Continue Reading >

Could iron deficiency be harming your milk supply?

If you’re iron-deficient after having your baby, you are not alone. It is estimated that up to one in four women experience iron-deficiency after giving birth.Low iron levels can make life – let alone life parenting a new baby – very difficult. Symptoms of iron deficiency can include feeling weak and tired, feeling dizzy or cranky,… Continue Reading >