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February 01, 2011

We have become friends with so many amazing bloggers that it’s impossible to pick just one (or a dozen) to sponsor for BlogHer, so we decided to let you pick amongst yourselves. Here’s the skinny:

Motherlove will give three $50 sponsorships to three bloggers, one in each category. The categories are all breastfeeding related, but you don’t have to be a breastfeeding mom to participate.

1.  The first category is CHALLENGES, and your blog post should talk about a challenge you’ve faced as a mom, and how it has resolved. You might have worked really hard to fix the situation or just learned to live with something, we want to hear about it. Just like breastfeeding can be a challenge, the story is different for each of us.

2.  The second category is GREEN. Motherlove has been a toxin-free, herbal company since way before that was the cool thing to do. How about you? What do you want to accomplish this year to make the world a better place? Whether you are very light green or a complete hippie, let’s hear it.

3.  The third category is MOTHERLOVE. What does “motherlove” mean to you? (As in the love of a mother, not the company.)

To participate, just pick one of the categories and write your blog article. Post a link on our Facebook page and put your info in a comment below this post. Please tell us at the beginning of your article which category you are entering.

To win, we’re going to let your readers pick their favorite blog posts from each category. Vote by coming to our Facebook page and commenting under the blog’s entry on our wall. To keep it from becoming impossible to judge accurately, only votes posted correctly will be counted.

The fine print:

1.  If you want sponsored to go to BlogHer, you have to be going to BlogHer. If you win, you must provide us with proof of your ticket within seven days of winning or we will pick another winner. You can already have purchased your ticket, or purchase it within seven days of winning the sponsorship.

2.  You can enter more than one category, and you can ask your friends and family to vote for you. Only one vote per person will count.

3.  Posts need to include at least one web-friendly image.

4.  Posts must contain at least one link back to the Motherlove Facebook page and/or Motherlove blog.

5.  The contest ends at midnight MST on February 13, 2011. In keeping with our theme, we’ll announce the winners on Valentine’s Day.

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dominique-holly fullerton-mcintyre

done all three at my blog! breastfeeding, cloth nappies and love!
lol x

Jill Meyer

I am entering the mother love catagory. If I am chosen this will go towards an e-book I am creating for breastfeeding mothers.


If you wish to enter the contest, you must submit a post on our Facebook page and then readers will vote for their favorite. You don’t have to write a new post, can use one of your older pieces. But you have to submit it so people know to vote on it. Let me know if you have any more questions.

motherlovepr at motherlove dot com


That’s great, Jill. We’ll look forward to reading your post.


Nicole Zoellner

Blog story about challenges posted. What a great idea for a contest! I can’t wait to read all the posts!


Just submitted my post on MotherLove facebook page.

I am so excited to be going to BlogHer and traveling with famous Julie of Roadtrips for Family which will make it even more memorable.


I think the link to your post is Is that correct?


I posted here - hope I did things right

Calgary Massage Therapy Expert

Very interesting contest!! If I had known about it before I would definitely enter.

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