Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy

April 08, 2012

We get a lot of questions about breastfeeding while pregnant. The Leaky B@@b had a discussion on her Facebook wall recently about the subject, with Nourish Breastfeeding Support giving expert information. To make it easy to find the chat, we’ve posted the links below:

Welcome to the Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Chat

What are the risks of breastfeeding while pregnant? Can it cause a miscarriage?

What to think about before getting pregnant. Did you plan to get pregnant while breastfeeding? What happened to your milk supply?

Milk supply and pregnancy. What’s safe to take to boost supply? Why does supply drop for some moms?

Will I still get colostrum? Does my milk taste differently during pregnancy? Can breastfeeding cause me to go into labor? (and lots of other questions)

Be aware that since these threads are old, if you post a question, you should start a new thread on The Leaky B@@b to make sure the moms see your questions.


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