Donor milk banking: A podcast interview with Pauline Sakamoto

December 10, 2010

Milk BankingWe’re very excited to share our first Motherlove Podcast!  

This interview, conducted by Tanya Lieberman, IBCLC, is with Pauline Sakamoto, President of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

The interview answers many questions, including: Can you donate if you have a tattoo or a body piercing?  What happened to milk banks when HIV was identified?  Who pays for donor milk (which costs $3 to $4 an ounce) if a family can’t pay?

Tanya and Pauline also talk about the history of donor milk banking, how donor milk saves lives, how to become a donor, how donor milk is processed, how donor milk is paid for, and Pauline’s view of mother-to-mother milk sharing.

You can listen to this podcast with the player below!

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Elita @ Blacktating

Very interesting! I just looked and I see that my state (Florida) has a milk bank coming soon. Great news!


We would love to see milk banks in every state (and then regions as well) in the near future. Hopefully as awareness grows of their importance and the safety of banked milk, more parents will support a bank in their area.

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