How the herbs in More Milk Plus complement each other

July 15, 2013

When you look at the label of our popular galactagogue More Milk Plus you might think that we simply combine several herbs which support milk supply.

But More Milk Plus is much more thoughtfully designed than that.  We’ll explain.

In the U.S., fenugreek is the most popular galactagogue herb and is the herb most recommended by lactation consultants to support milk supply.  Fenugreek has been used as a food for centuries, and you may have even unknowingly eaten it as maple syrup flavoring.  It’s also a galactagogue, and is a key herb in our More Milk Plus.

While side effects are uncommon, some mothers find that when they take high doses of fenugreek in powdered capsule form they experience gas and diarrhea in themselves or their babies.

More Milk Plus has been designed with this in mind, in two important ways:

First, because liquid extracts are a higher quality preparation (encapsulating a dried herb leads to more oxidation), you can take less of them, reducing the chances that you’ll experience side effects.

Second, we have included two herbs - Blessed Thistle and fennel - which nicely balance the effects of fenugreek.  Blessed thistle and fennel are both digestive herbs which reduce gas and diarrhea.  Fennel in particular is a classic digestive herb, used an an anti-colic and anti-heartburn preparation.  You may have noticed it offered as you leave Indian restaurants as a post-meal digestive aid.

We believe that the quality of our preparations and the thoughtful balancing of herbs in More Milk Plus have contributed to its success as the best selling breastfeeding supplement in the U.S. (SPINS data report).

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