Mother's Day Giveaway—Nurturing Life

May 02, 2013

Nurturing Life GiftboxMother’s Day has special meaning for all of us here at Motherlove—every day. Every day we talk to moms and celebrate your new arrivals, offer support when breastfeeding is difficult and cheer when you reach a milestone. Our founder, Kathryn Higgins, works every day here at Motherlove with two of her daughters. And every day we make herbal products for moms, so you can say that every day is Mother’s Day here at Motherlove!

But every day is also Mother’s Day for all moms. From the day you conceive your miracle, you’ll always be a mom. The holiday may come only once a year, but nurturing ourselves and each other while we nurture our babies is something we should do all year long. That’s why we are proud to say we are Nurturing Life!

This Mother’s Day we want to give you the opportunity to say thank you to another mom who has nurtured you as a mom and give you both a special treat to celebrate and enjoy all year long.

Leave a comment (using the widget below) telling us how this mom helped you and her first name, and we’ll randomly choose one winner (and the mom she nominates) to both receive a Nurturing Life Giftbox and an Annual Membership to Holistic Moms Network, which includes a free subscription to Organic Gardening magazine.

Our Nurturing Life Giftbox includes Pregnant Belly Salve, Nipple Cream, Birth & Baby Oil, Sitz Bath Spray, Diaper Rash & Thrush salve, and our eco Motherlove tote bag.

holistic moms networkWe are proud to be a sponsor of Holistic Moms Network because being part of a community is vital for all moms. Nurturing Life doesn’t happen solo. Their chapters offer in-person support for all aspects of parenting, and they work every day to create a sustainable and healthy environment for all our children. Long after Mother’s Day has passed, your membership will help you to find your tribe locally, access educational and advocacy information for holistic parenting, and nurture your soul with support and encouragement. If you’re interested in joining Holistic Moms, they are offering a special Mother’s Day discount all this month for $10 off their annual membership.

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My mother, Charlene, has been with me through so much. When I was pregnant with my first she completely dropped everything for herself and made herself as available as possible to me and my little one. When I struggled with breast feeding she was there cheering me on. Now that we have four children and are expecting twins in October she backs me up on all of my crazy (seeming to her) decisions. Especially cloth diapering that grosses her out lol. She’s been there since the moment I was conceived and she will be here with me till the moment forever ends.

courtney k

my mom, leslie, supported my breastfeeding journey. the word formula never exited her lips (even though she bf & formula fed her kids) out of respect for my choice. she learned how to freeze, thaw, & properly serve breastmilk for when she babysat. we battled thrush & mastitis repeatedly & she always was a big support & ally.

Sandra DeRosia

The person who nurtured my breastfeeding relationship the most was actually my husband, but since this giveaway is for two moms, I’d give my good friend Sarah the other set of stuff.  She is about to be a new mom and would love these products I’m sure!  ♥

Heather D.

My lactation consultant, Christina, inspires me. She is a single mama to two adorable children and goes to school while working full time. She was there for me above & beyond after my son’s birth. She never ceases to help the community at all hours of the night and any day of the week in order to help mommy’s breastfeed on!!

Nicole Kanallakan

I wasnt sure about breastfeeding till i had my first son, Kole, and the first time he latched on i was just in love. In love with him and in love with breastfeeding. He may have been just a baby but He has always reassured me that nursing way the best for both of us, he’s little grin with milk running out made all the obstacles i had to overcome worth it! He worked with me and never gave up even when i felt like it might be time to pull the nursing plug, in fact he nursed till he was almost 3 and right through the birth of our second son, he would say one for me and one for baby!


Mom mom Jo Ann was a wonderful breastfeeding example to me.  She not only nursed me until I was 2, but she did that for my three other siblings as well!  Now that my third baby is on the way.  I’m starting to get an idea of how much work and sacrifice she put in to make that happen.

Laura Back

I met Staci (a WIC breastfeeding mentor) just before the birth of my second child.  She introduced me to the world of breastfeeding support, helped me get a breast pump, introduced me to Motherlove products, and taught me how to use it all while supporting me, encouraging me, and cheering me on the whole way.  I struggled, hard, and would have given up on being the mother I wanted to be if it weren’t for her.  She was available for anything I needed day or night week or weekend, not just for me but for the community and anyone outside the community that contacts her.  She led many of us to baby wearing and is there for us whenever we need to vent, cry, ask, cheer even after our babies are weaned.  I’ll never forget that she was the only person who understood my excitement and was just as excited as I was the first time my daughter stayed on the breast long enough to fill her tummy because Staci was just as excited as I was.  I can never thank her enough.  If it weren’t for her, I would never have the treasured memories of nursing my daughter and the feeling of accomplishment at nursing as long as I did.  She is my breastfeeding mentor, my mothering mentor, my friend, my inspiration.

Ashley C

My husband (Aaron) and my mom (Donna) both were so helpful and supportive. I was happy to have their support as I know I wouldn’t have stuck with it with my son and now I’m still nursing my 10 month old (and going strong!)


Ashley C

My mom, Donna, was an integral part of my breastfeeding journey. She was supportive and helpful. She still is a wealth of knowledge for me!



My cousin Jodie, she has three kids close in age to mine and has been a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. We help each other and undrstand where the other one is coming from. Its always nice to have someone who’s in the same place in life to talk to.

Carly Fridlich

I have to say my own mom has nurtured me the best. She was amazing during the birth of my son and I am looking forward to her being with me again for the birth of my daughter this summer. She has given me so much I could never thank her enough!

Carly Fridlich

I have to say my own mom, MaryAnn, has nurtured me the best. She was amazing during the birth of my son and I am looking forward to her being with me again for the birth of my daughter this summer. In terms of breastfeeding she has been a model for me always since she breastfed me and my 2 brothers and never gave us a drop of formula.  She helped so much with this after I had my son. She has given me so much I could never thank her enough!

Narda Leeming

Luckily for me I had great support from my husband and friends, and I like to think that I was a great support to my daughter Courtney when she started breast feeding her children.


I have had amazing support from my doctor, she is so great with breastfeeding. Very encouraging and kind when I feel like I am having a hard time. I have also found online support through the leaky B@@b, Without all my support I would not have made it this far. 6.5 months of breastfeeding and going strong smile

Alexa Friese

My whole family was very supportive while I was breastfeeding my first, I was one of the lucky ones who never really had any problems. The person who supported me the most would definitely have to be my partner Charlie. He was always there with a glass of water, pillow to make me comfortable and anything else I needed. He called in sick to work when I had mastitis to take care of me and our son, and was very encouraging through it all! For the second mom giveaway I would have to give the prize to a friend and co-worker Lynse Stevens, she exclusively pumped with her first (which shows some serious dedication to breastmilk!) and with her second she is breastfeeding exclusively. She has run into some complications that would probably make some moms want give up, but she keeps at it and her baby is happy and healthy! I am so blessed to have people in my life make me feel comfortable and confident to do what is natural and best for my babies. I have never felt ashamed or embarrassed to nurse in public or in front of anyone and If I didn’t have the support I do I may not feel that way. Breast is Best!


My husband for encouraging me to go as long as I can even though I don’t produce very much.

Anna B

My husband has been my biggest supporter through my breastfeeding journey. He helps me keep my sanity through all the difficult times - latch problems, low milk supply, etc. But my best friend, Sam, has also been a tremendous help. She has listened to my fears and given me the emotional support to keep going even when it seemed bleak.

Christina Cox

Sadly no one was there to nurture my breast feeding experience. My husband tried (Michael Cox) but it just wasn’t enough, as I had no milk; never even felt a letdown. So I quit at about 6 weeks pp. hopefully I’ll have more luck next time.


Cindy, our pastor’s wife, was an amazing influence for me as a new mommy!  Our lives would have been totally different without her.  I am so thankful for women you step up the plate and mentor other women.

Melissa G.

To be honest… I didn’t really have any close friends with breastfeeding experience. My husband Josh was probably my biggest supporter and encourager. I also got breastfeeding support and advice from The Leaky Boob on facebook. Grateful for sites like that and Jessica who started it!

Shannon G

My mom, Wendy, has led by example as an LLL Leader & by breastfeeding me & all 5 of my younger siblings.  She’s traveled cross country to help me out when each of my three babies were born & she’s otherwise always just a phone call away.

Amanda Reed

I am so proud to say my husband. I am so thankful for him. We both came from formula feeding families and do not have friends that breastfeed. Starting out he was even more uniformed than I. It took a lot of conversations and feeling things out before we each new where we stood with our seemingly “untraditional” parenting views on breastfeeding, co-sleeping and babywearing. But through a few tears and frustrations he was also there for me, and the first to defend me and enter his two cents in any conversation he didn’t agree with. Now I guess it all seems just a part of life, our first nursed until 21 months and the second is on the way. There are also two other moms around us that now wear their babies bc of observing, and he has two friends that hope that when they get married that they can as they put it “try breastfeeding.” If you knew where we started, you would just smile. So blessed.

Stephanie DeArco

My Husband, did everything he could,(i.e. held baby, adjust baby while he nurses) as much as he could. he was my rock.

Elena L.

My sister, Tamara, is not *technically* a mom yet, she is due with her first child this June. However, without her I wouldn’t be the successful mom that I am. She has been my son’s caregiver since I returned to work and has been a major support to my ability to work and support my son. I’d love to pay it forward to her as she prepares to welcome her first child into the world!

Caitlyn Smith

My husband Adam has been my biggest supporter through my journey so far. Always comforting when I needed & strong for me when I fell sick. He has truly helped me get to now 8 months of ebf & what hopefully will be two years.


My husband has been my biggest supporter in my breastfeeding journey but my friend Kate has also been a big help. She helped me feel comfortable nursing without a cover and is always there to answer any question I might have.

Ashley K

My doula, Sarah Newton, has been indispensable throughout my breastfeeding journey.


My friend Jen is my hero! I have IGT and was not able to produce milk for my firstborn. I am now pregnant with my second. My friend Jen, who recently gave birth, is pumping to donate milk to my baby. There are just no words to describe how grateful I am for her gift to me and my little one!

Caty Freeman

I would definitely have to say Holly, my mom-in-love. wink She is a true blessing for everyone around her, including me. I even get to stay with her while my hubby is deployed and our 2nd baby is on the way. Unfortunately my own mom is not among us anymore, but Holly is the closest to an own mom that I have. Holly is a NICU nurse and has a HUUUUGE heart for babies and children. Even her abusive father called her “everybody’s mother” because he saw how she cares for everyone around her. She has a beautiful and passionate heart and REALLY, truly deserves to be called a mommy.

nicole singleton

My best friend Cari. She helped me in my breastfeeding struggles (Raynauds), and postpartum depression following my daughter’s c-section. Now she and I are both pregnant, again, together and she’s been one of my biggest VBAC cheerleaders. <3


My husband has been my biggest supporter through breastfeeding two kiddos smile I amsure I will have just as much support as I begin to breastfeed baby #4 withing the next 5 weeks smile

Ashley koulak

I’d have to say my friend Jessie. She’s currently still nursing her 2 year old. Her patience reminds me that it’s all in love smile who needs a push up bra anyways??


My husband has been my biggest supporter through breastfeeding two kiddos smile I am sure I will have just as much support as I begin to breastfeed baby #4 withing the next 5 weeks smile

Keri R

My husband Cory has helped me during our breastfeeding journey. Also the ladies in LLL.

Lindsay Coffman

My mother is my biggest inspiration to be successful with breastfeeding my daughter. She is in heaven now,  but she nursed me & my 2 younger sisters with no support for at least 2 years for each of us.


Thanks for honoring mothers with this wonderful giveaway. You are an exceptional company. I utilized your products all through my troubles with low milk supply. I would love to win this giveaway for my biggest supporter/friend through it all Jessica. At the time we both had our babies one month apart , she helped me see that breast feeding doesn’t have to be so difficult and was a shoulder to cry on when I had set backs. She is now pregnant again and due this coming June. I would love to win this to give to her for being there for me.


When i became pregnant i knew right away i would breastfeed. When people like my mother, my grandmother, mother in law, aunts or friends would ask if i was going to i would say yes and they were all very happy about my decision and supported me.. But when it became difficult at the beginning due to being so tired and painful it was my husband who was so supportive and encouraging that kept me going. <3


My husband has been my best and biggest support through all breastfeeding struggles. I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding our son at 8 months old if it weren’t for him. Also the women in my due date group on the internet. I have no in person female support that have positive things to say about my decision to exclusively breastfeed.


A LC Angie at a local breastfeeding store. I was about ready to give up when my daughter was 2 weeks old when she helped me fix my latch and show me some different way to nurse. The hospital LC was not helpful and she gave me the knowledge to keep going.

Stephanie Manley

My friend Keri empowered me on my breastfeeding journey! She was the only person I knew that had ever breastfed with her son being a couple months older than mine. She reminded me when it was hard that it was the best thing I could do for my son and that my body was working just fine <3 Thanks Keri

Amanda McGrath

My husband, Adam was a huge support! I had so much pain for months and he encouraged me and supported my decision to keep nursing our daughter.


My man has been a huge support in making sure the wee one & I succeed in our breastfeeding venture! =] He is awesome! My mom is also a huge support & has answered all the questions I’ve had.

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