This Labor Day month, watch a free webcast of Birth, the play

September 06, 2011

Since 2006, communities across the country have been producing Karen Brody’s play, Birth, often (and appropriately) during Labor Day week.

Birth is a play based on over 100 interviews conducted by Karen Brody about their birth experiences.  Eight birth stories are told in the play, with the intent of showing how low-risk, educated mothers are giving birth in the U.S. today.  Birth is also intended to raise awareness and provide a springboard for advocacy to make maternity care mother-friendly.  This advocacy effort is called BOLD (Birth on Labor Day).

Birth is now celebrating its fifth year, and to celebrate, BOLD is broadcasting a free webcast of a reading of Birth during Labor Day week.  The first broadcast will be live on September 5th at 7 pm ET, and this performance will be rebroadcast several times a day on September 17th and 24th.  More information about the webcast is here.

Birth has been called “magnificent, funny, and wonderfully wise” by Dr. Christiane Northrup.  We hope that you enjoy it!

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