Want baby bliss?  Learn these infant massage strokes.

September 19, 2011

We love infant massage for its many benefits to babies - and to you!

Massaging your baby facilitates bonding, relaxation, and promotes sleep, digestion, and boosts babies’ immune systems.  It can alleviate gas and even help with teething pain.  And it’s been shown to relax parents and stimulate the production of oxytocin - “the love hormone.”

Our Birth and Baby Oil is gentle enough to be used as an infant massage oil (as well as for perineal massage during labor and birth).  An all natural mild scented oil with certified organic lavender and no essential oils, it’s also excellent for dry skin and cradle cap.  Our Birth & Baby Oil has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s Skin Deep database.

One infant massage DVD we love is Bonding With Your Brilliant and Beautiful Baby Through Infant Massage, from BabyBabyOhBabyWatch a preview of this gorgeous and inspirational guide to infant massage.

To get started right away, check out the videos below from Infant Massage USA which introduce some basic strokes.


Getting started with infant massage:

Leg massage:

Tummy massage:

Arm massage:

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