Want to cleanse toxins from your body before trying to conceive? Listen to our podcast

December 10, 2013

MP900442962Toxins we absorb through everyday living can make it harder for us to conceive a baby. So how can we reduce our body’s toxic burden before trying to conceive?

In this month’s podcast interview we speak with naturopathic physician Dr. Laila Tomsovic about preconception cleansing. We ask when to do it, whether cleansing is safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, which foods are especially cleansing, and about the role of exercise and stress reduction in a cleanse.  You may also be interested in our interview with Dr. Tomsovic on nutrition for fertility.

You can listen to this podcast using the player below!

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Kristen Nero

For some reason this podcast stops playing at around 11 minutes or so. Extremely disappointed, I was SO looking forward to listening to the rest of it! :( Can this issue be fixed? I am hoping so. I love this blog!


Is there a way to finish listening to the podcast?

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