You nominated, we donated!  The winners of our 10,000 Facebook fan contest.

November 09, 2011

We promised that when the Motherlove Facebook page reached 10,000 fans we’d make a donation to an organization that nurtures life, nominated by you.  But we just couldn’t choose, so we made donations to each of these great organizations!

Mothering the Mother is a Milwaukee non-profit organization that believes that all women should have access to quality birth professionals, regardless of their situation.  They offer a variety of classes, doulas, lactation support, and mentors.  All services are based upon on a sliding scale depending on the individual family’s circumstances.

Birth Behind Bars is a Florida non-profit organization which assists pregnant inmates by providing childbirth classes, doula support, breastfeeding support, and parenting education.  Their website quotes an officer in the jail system:  “The inmate broke the law and has to serve out their sentence.  The baby did not break any laws and deserves to have the right start in life.”

The Delaware Breastfeeding Bag Project‘s goal is to get truly breastfeeding-friendly bags into the hands of every new mother who gives birth in Delaware.  Mothers are often given “breastfeeding bags” supplied by formula companies at the hospital or in doctors’ offices.  These bags have been shown by multiple studies to reduce breastfeeding rates.  The Delaware Breastfeeding Bag Project donates about 600 bags a year to new moms.

Shower of Hope, Oklahoma was founded by Toni Keltner to provide support to a family who lost two children in the May 24, 2011 Oklahoma tornadoes.  Shower of Hope has since grown to provide support to other families in need after the tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Holistic Moms Network connects parents who are interested in holistic health and green living.  Their online community and local chapters “encourage moms to trust their instincts, parent from the heart, use their innate sense of what is best for their children, live in balance with the Earth, and learn about the pros and cons of all healthcare and parenting options.”

Union Gospel Mission of Salem‘s mission is to help men and women break the cycle of homelessness and become participating members of the community.  They provide meals and shelter, recovery programs, education and job readiness support, and affordable housing help.

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