November 22, 2017

Our team would like to take a moment to express our gratitude as 2017 is coming to a close. While our list is ever expanding, we captured the highlights to share with you as we give thanks this year.

Our Team - Motherlove was initially founded out of Kathryn Higgins’ desire to make organic herbal products to use throughout her own pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey. From the seed Kathryn planted over 30 years ago to a company of 25 staff members today, we have grown into something beautiful. We love our team here and we work hard every day to bring you safe and effective products for pregnancy, birth, and baby. Oh, and the baby that sparked the beginning of Motherlove? She grew up to become our CEO, Silencia! While we all might not be family, it sure feels that way!

Our Community - We are grateful for all the small businesses that support families and make Motherlove available on their shelves. From the local co-op 30 years ago to now being sold in over 20 countries, we continue to reach women and families across all 50 states and the globe. We want to thank everyone who plays a part in helping moms access herbal breastfeeding supplements and natural skin care products. Together, we are making a difference.

Mother Earth - We express our gratitude to her in a variety of ways. From the big things like having a 120-acre organic farm, and being a 100% solar powered facility, to the smaller things like drinking fair trade organic coffee in our office each morning, Mother Earth has always been and will always be one of our top priorities here. Recycling and composting is an ongoing effort and almost 99% of our waste escapes the landfill to find a new purpose, making Motherlove a virtually zero waste manufacturing facility. Our informational materials and the paper we use in the office is made from post-consumer recycled goods, and we reuse packaging materials whenever possible. We encourage carpooling, bike riding, and have a miles diversion plan in place for our employees. We challenge one another to make conscious decisions in our daily lives, like bringing in homemade lunch items. Our team even takes time out of our day to go on a nature walk once a week. We have Mother Nature to thank for every ingredient we use and we feel her love in everything we do.

YOU! -  All the mothers, fathers, partners, friends, birth coaches, breastfeeding supporters, and medical professionals that have supported Motherlove, YOU are the reason we do what we do and continue to strive to provide high quality, natural products. From our first product, Green Salve, to over 20 products, like our best-selling Nipple Cream and More Milk line, we are glad you have been there for the ride. We look forward to another year of supporting you during the most exciting time of your life, parenthood.

What are you grateful for this year?  


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