Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

August 01, 2016

We are so happy to be celebrating breastfeeding again this year, and thought we'd suggest some ways you can join in the fun. In the spirit of this year's theme – breastfeeding as a key to sustainable development – most of these ideas are free or low cost, and environmentally-friendly.

Join a Global Big Latch On event! On August 5th and 6th, the Global Big Latch On will bring together nursing moms and supporters from around the world to promote and support breastfeeding and each other. Last year, over 36,000 people attended! Find a location here, and look for other breastfeeding events on this pledge page.

Follow the United Nations' advice and share a brelfie! This year the UN is encouraging moms to share brelfies (breastfeeding selfies) as a way to promote breastfeeding and reduce the stigma against public breastfeeding. To be part of an online record-setting event, you can post a brelfie via the Global Big Latch On's Selfies Sunday site by using the hashtag #mybiglatchon.

Share a World Breastfeeding Week image on social media. The International Lactation Consultants Association has beautiful shareable images in many languages, both for downloading and sharing online.

Download and post a World Breastfeeding Week poster or calendar. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action's website has beautiful posters and graphics celebrating the theme of breastfeeding and sustainable development. Download and post a poster or calendar and spread the word!

Read a breastfeeding book to children. We're fortunate to have a growing number of children's books about breastfeeding – check out our list!

Donate to a breastfeeding support organization. This suggestion obviously isn't free, but a donation in support of breastfeeding moms doesn't have to be big to have plenty of meaning. Consider donating to La Leche League, Breastfeeding USA, UNICEF, your regional milk bank, or any other organization that supports nursing moms. 

Thank your breastfeeding supporters. In our breastfeeding journeys, we rely on many people for support – our partners, our moms and sisters, our friends, our health care providers, our online communities, and many more. Take a moment to tell them what their support has meant to you.

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