On the road with Motherlove!

November 30, 2017

While Motherlove has been very fortunate to call Fort Collins, Colorado home for about 30 years, our staff also love to travel around the country (and to other countries!) to talk to people about our products. One of our newest positions at Motherlove is our Education and Outreach Coordinator. This month, she was out in the Seattle area to conduct in-store trainings at some cute maternity stores, such as Nurturing Expressions, and larger chains such as PCC Community Markets.   

She snapped this picture of Green Salve aboard the Bainbridge Ferry.

In addition to in-person trainings, our Education and Outreach Coordinator recently started conducting bi-monthly webinars and Motherlove will be launching a newsletter series in the coming months! If you want to join the webinar or request an in-store training, reach out to Motherlove at any time.

Wes Brasher

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