Retailer Spotlight – Franklin Goose

December 02, 2015

Founded in 2009 as an online retailer, Franklin Goose is located in Richmond, Virginia and specializes in natural, organic and eco-friendly products. Owner Sheri Doyle realized quickly that their niche was to have extensive product knowledge, excellent customer service and to also play an active role in building the local community of natural parents, so a storefront was opened that today not only stocks the most sought-after products but also holds classes for parents.

The staff of Franklin Goose continues to be intimately familiar with the products they sell, and they specialize in helping each family find the perfect solution. “I am so proud of the care and concern my staff has for each of our customers,” says Doyle. “They love helping with registries, getting to know the families and watching the kids grow. They are as passionate as I am and that makes us incredibly unique in a space where so many businesses don't offer anyone who can help or know about the customers who shop in their stores. We know how hard our customers work for the money they spend on their families, and how much they want to make the right choices for their families. We believe they deserve the best service and intelligent, informed advice.”

Doyle also makes sustainability a key focus of Franklin Goose, and takes the obligation to impact the planet as little as possible very seriously. Instead of new displays, when you shop at Franklin Goose you’ll find reclaimed tables, doors, radiators etc. being used as displays! You’ll also find plenty of interaction. Testers and demo products are always available so parents are confident in their choices.


Franklin Goose is a strong supporter of Motherlove products and carries a wide selection of our products, and their employees are well-versed in the use of our line. Whether you have questions about which formula is right for you or need cloth diapering tips or advice on other natural parenting items, buy local and support your community!

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