Calendula: From Farm to Product

September 11, 2017


Calendula is in a number of our body care products, such as Nipple Cream, Diaper Balm and Green Salve, for good reason. Calendula is well known for its soothing effects as it helps heal chapped skin, wash wounds and reduce swelling. We recently touted its amazing properties in our post about our Nipple Cream.  But did you also know that Motherlove grows calendula on our own certified organic farm?

Over the past few months, Motherlove’s lead farmer, RJ, has captured the growing process so you can see how our calendula takes shape.

RJ plants the calendula seeds on our northern Colorado farm in mid-May.

Planting calendula

Just a couple of weeks later, the leaves start to grow and fill in.

Calendula leaves growing

By late June, the first of the blossoms start to emerge.

Calendula blossoms Calendula blossoms

At the end of July, the blossoms are full and ready to be harvested.

Calendula ready to be harvested Calendula ready to be harvested

Motherlove employees, including our CEO Silencia Cox and founder Kathryn Higgins, often try to sneak away from our computers during the harvesting season to help collect the calendula blossoms.

Harvesting calendula Harvesting calendula Harvesting calendula

The blossoms are then spread out on drying racks to begin the drying process, which takes approximately one week.

Calendula drying Calendula drying

Since calendula goes in almost all of our body care products, Motherlove needs far more dried blossoms than our farm can produce. All of the organic calendula that we receive is processed at our facility in Fort Collins, Colorado and hand poured, with love, from our family to yours.

Calendula Calendula Calendula



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