Night nursing: A podcast interview with Nancy Mohrbacher

Why did babies evolve to feed at night?  What’s reverse cycling?  Does topping off a baby at night make them sleep longer?  What are the best tips for getting sleep when your baby feeds at night?

For this podcast, Tanya spoke with Nancy Mohrbacher, author of many books on breastfeeding, about night nursing.  It’s a topic covered in her new book, Breastfeeding Solutions:  Quick Tips for the Most Common Nursing Challenges.

Nancy is also the author of Breastfeeding Made Simple and Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple.

They discussed what to expect, how we evolved to feed our infants at night, what’s normal at different stages, how milk storage capacity affects night nursing, and night weaning.  We also answered the questions you submitted on Facebook!

Nancy recommends the Infant Sleep Information Source (ISIS) website for more information on normal infant sleep.

You can listen to this podcast using the player below.