Expansion to Our New Motherlove Facility!

We’re so excited to announce that we recently moved into our new Motherlove facility!  Our new space will allow us to grow, while we stay true to our roots as a family company.

Those roots took hold over 20 years ago, when Kathryn Higgins started Motherlove in the kitchen of her family home in Rist Canyon, in the mountains west of Fort Collins, Colorado.  There she created herbal products with plants she had harvested.   As the business grew, her husband built her a shop on the property, where she continued her hand-crafted business.

Then in 1995 Motherlove moved to Laporte, Colorado, the town closest to the family home.  There we had an 1,100 square foot facility to house our growing business.


We loved being located in Laporte, a one-stoplight town so close to home.  But after 18 years and many additions it became clear that we needed more space to house the current and future needs of Motherlove.

Last year we purchased a 14,000 square foot building in central Fort Collins, Colorado.  We now have a full-sized warehouse, more office space, and new production equipment.  This space will allow us to store enough materials to meet our needs, take advantage of more efficient equipment, and prepare larger batches of our products.  We even have the luxury of space to grow into!

We’re also maintaining our commitment to the environment in our new facility.  We carefully examined our energy usage, and made a number of changes to improve our energy efficiency, including installing new LED lighting.  And we are starting to work on a solar installation in the back of the facility which will more than offset our total energy use.

As we make this leap into a bigger space, we remain mindful of the importance of staying true to our roots as a family company.  Kathryn and her family still own and operate Motherlove, and we still work by hand, blending the herbs and pressing the oils in our products.

While our new facility is larger, we are the same family-owned and operated business that began in the kitchen of our family home.  We are fully committed to staying true to Motherlove’s roots as we spread our wings!