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Introducing Motherlove's new Balancing Blend - an herbal ally for restorative support. PMS, perimenopause, menopause—and all the associated symptoms—are terms that we hear spoken with a sense of foreboding and dread. The truth is, all stages of the reproductive cycle, including menopause, are sacred processes that can be an honor to experience! We are here to help bring balance to those important cycles of life.

The Cycles of Life

The menstrual cycle, from one period to the next, is very informative to overall physical and mental health. Often times, stress and an unbalanced lifestyle can trigger those difficult symptoms like headaches, cramps, and exhaustion. During perimenopause, when women start transitioning to menopause, many hormonal shifts are happening, like they do during the monthly cycle, but over a longer period of time. These hormonal shifts can lead to discomforts similar to those during PMS, with the frequent addition of hot flashes. When menopause begins, once a full year has passed since the last menstrual period, many women find themselves struggling with the new ways their body functions and feels—after all, by that time you have been having menstrual cycles for most of your life!

An Herbal Ally 

Motherlove’s Balancing Blend was formulated to help make these life stages more enjoyable and less disruptive and uncomfortable. Six herbs—nettle, oatstraw, red clover, red raspberry, yarrow, and shatavari—combine to help provide deep nourishment to the body going through these life changes. These herbs have been used for centuries and are known for their nutrient-dense qualities.

Nettle and red raspberry are some of the most popular, and easily found, nutritive herbs. You can find them in many herbal preparations—from teas to tinctures, and as a food source. Red clover and shatavari are widely used for their affect on aiding the body to balance hormones. Yarrow, a particular favorite, carries the old adage amongst herbalists “yarrow knows what to do with the blood”—meaning that, in this case, it can help balance menstrual flow flow that is either too heavy or too light. Oatstraw is from the same plant as your favorite cold-weather breakfast! The whole oat plant -- straw, milky tops, and those rolled oats you ate this morning -- is highly nourishing to the entire body and especially the nervous system. This herb, in all its forms, can be like a warm blanket when you are feeling frazzled. 

As with most things, a strong foundation helps to build a better house! By considering Balancing Blend your herbal ally, you help to lay the strong foundation that supports your body in harmoniously acting out the hormonal shifts that go along with each life stage.

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