Going back to work and breastfeeding? Listen to our new podcast!

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding and expecting to go back to work you'll want to listen to our new podcast interview with Nancy Mohrbacher, author of Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple!

Nancy spoke about key things you can do to prepare to go back to work and pump, how to keep your milk supply steady, your rights to time and a place to pump under the law, tips for pumping efficiency, what to expect in terms of pumping output, what to do about a dwindling supply, among other topics.  These concerns and much more are discussed in her book, Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple.

Nancy also shared these great resources she recommends to moms planning to work and breastfeed:

Resource List for Employed Breastfeeding Mothers in the United States
For the Caregiver of a Breastfed Baby

You can listen to this podcast with the player below!