How to Transition from one Motherlove Herbal Supplement to Another

At Motherlove, we’ve created a number of different herbal formulas for increasing milk supply that meet a variety of needs. These formulas are carefully composed to address different causes of low milk supply in different situations. To determine which formula best fits your needs, take a look at our guide. Sometimes after making a choice however, circumstances change and you find that you need to transition from one formula to another. What’s the best way to do that? It is easier than you think – just give yourself the necessary time to make the switch!

To change over, begin by substituting 1 dose of your current supplement with the new herbal blend you want to try. Take 3 doses of your supplement, and 1 dose of the new product for 3-4 days. Then substitute two doses per day of your supplement with the new herbs, again for 3-4 days. Continue substituting an additional dose every 3-4 days until you have completed the transition from one formula to another. If you are taking the higher dose of herbs, transition in the same manner. Gradually shifting from one product to another will give your body time to adjust to the new herbs, and give you the opportunity to ensure that the switch is maintaining your supply where you need it to be.

Similarly, it may be that your body can now make an adequate milk supply without the help of a supplement. If you want to wean yourself off a Motherlove supplement completely, you can do it by dropping a dose every 3-4 days until you are completely off the product. We don’t recommend stopping “cold turkey,” as slow weaning will give your body a chance to adjust to diminishing amounts of herbs while still maintaining your breast milk supply.