How We Test Our Ingredients and Products?

Here at Motherlove we know how much can change when you become a mother. There is so much new information, cautions and suggestions bombarding you every day.  In between the feedings and diaper changes it can be a bit overwhelming to try to navigate product information. Everyone wants to know what’s in their products, if they are tested on animals, are they organic, and most importantly are they safe.

Quality and effectiveness of our products is extremely important at Motherlove.  Before we place an order for an ingredient we receive a certificate of analysis and a sample. The certificate of analysis from the supplier shows test results for coliforms, salmonella, yeast & mold, bacterial plate count, heavy metals and pesticide residue. Herb samples are also evaluated for color, smell and strength before approval. Along with certificates of analysis for each ingredient, we also have the organic, kosher and cruelty free certification documents on file.

Motherlove’s herbal supplements are made in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility and have a certificate of analysis for each finished product.  Before any product is sold it is tested by an independent lab for bacteria, coliforms and heavy metals to ensure quality in every bottle.

We know how important quality, safety and effectiveness are, and we want you to feel confidant when you choose Motherlove.