Natural Variances in Organic Nipple Cream

Natural Variances in Organic Nipple Cream

Natural Ingredients = Natural Variances

Ever since our founding 30 years ago, Motherlove has been committed to only using USDA Certified organic herbs and natural ingredients. All of our balms and salves have a base of either olive oil or apricot oil and are naturally thickened with beeswax and shea butter. You won’t find any artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives in our products. While we hope this isn’t news to many of you, what may be new information is that our lack of artificial ingredients can result in some minor variances in texture.

Salve & Cream Consistency

One variance that you may have noticed, especially if you are a regular Nipple Cream user, is that sometimes it has a thick, creamy consistency and sometimes it is a bit softer and more oily, especially in the middle of the jar. Rest assured, our award-winning formula hasn’t changed. We still infuse skin-softening herbs, calendula and marshmallow root, into a base of olive oil and then thicken it with beeswax and shea butter. What can vary, however, is the consistency of the organic beeswax we use.

How do bees change the consistency of beeswax? 

Did you know that the texture and consistency of the beeswax can change depending on where the bees are located, what they are feeding on, and how the beeswax is harvested?  Since Motherlove sources our organic beeswax from a variety of reputable suppliers, this means that sometimes the overall consistency of our products can vary slightly. This doesn’t have any effect on the safety or effectiveness of the product, but some keen observers notice a difference in the thickness of the salves. Since we are committed to not using any artificial ingredients or fillers, we embrace the slight variances in our products and hope you have a new appreciation for them, too!

Divot or dent in your Nipple Cream?

Another thing that a few of our perceptive customers notice is that our balms and salves often cool in a way that results in a little divot, or dent, in the top of the product. As you can see in this video, Nipple Cream is manufactured and poured in-house and then run through our state-of-the-art machinery to cool, label, and cap. During this process, as the product cools, it naturally begins to condense and shrink. 

Since it is packaged in glass jars, the center of the product doesn’t have the support from the outside walls and it tends to shrink more and that results in a dent in the top of the product. Some customers think it looks like someone stuck a finger in their salve, but don’t worry, that did not happen! It is simply the way that our natural product cools.

If you are interested in other ways that our natural ingredients can have an effect on the overall products, check out our blog to learn why our tinctures can vary in taste.

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