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Podcast: Biological Nurturing and Laid Back Breastfeeding, with Suzanne Colson

We’re very pleased to share this podcast interview with Dr. Suzanne Colson, pioneering researcher known for her work developing the concept of Biological Nurturing.

She is the author of An Introduction to Biological Nurturing and the DVD Biological Nurturing: Laid-Back Breastfeeding for Mothers.

Suzanne talked with Tanya Lieberman about the concept of Biological Nurturing, the primitive neonatal reflexes she has identified, why babies sometimes fight or “box” the breast when feeding in traditionally-taught breastfeeding holds, and why she believes babies are “front feeders” and not “dorsal feeders.”

One note:  This interview was recorded in the busy hallway at a breastfeeding conference, and as a result the audio is not up to our usual standard.  We hope you enjoy it anyway!

You can listen to the podcast using the player below!