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Podcast: Can you give your baby enough Vitamin D by increasing your own levels?

You’ve probably heard about the importance of having enough Vitamin D - both for yourself and your baby.  And your pediatrician may have recommended that you give your baby a Vitamin D supplement.

In recent years, research has shown that having low levels of Vitamin D is associated with a number of health problems in adults, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer.  It’s important for your baby’s development, and low levels in pregnancy may even increase the risk of preterm birth.

But because of lifestyle changes - we spend a lot more time indoors than we used to and we wear sunscreen when we’re outside - it can be hard to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin D.  And if you’re breastfeeding, not having enough Vitamin D in your system can mean that your baby doesn’t receive enough.  For these reasons, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a Vitamin D supplement for babies from early infancy.

But is there a way to give your baby the same amount of Vitamin D by increasing your own levels?  And if so, what amount would be required?  Is it safe to “supplement” your baby this way?

In this podcast interview with one of the world’s premier researchers in the area of Vitamin D and lactation, Dr. Carol Wagner, author of New Insights into Vitamin D during Pregnancy, Lactation, and Early Infancy,* discusses what constitutes a healthy level of Vitamin D,  whether a mother should have her levels checked, the origins of the current recommendations, and her ongoing research into whether you can safely give your baby enough Vitamin D through your milk by increasing your own levels.

You can listen to this podcast with the player below!

Please note that this information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.  Discuss any questions you have about Vitamin D with your healthcare providers.  * We received a review copy of this book.