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Podcast: Can you really skip the pureed foods? Try Baby-Led Weaning!

After breast or bottle feeding the next step is pureed foods, fed by spoon, right?

Gill Rapley, co-author of Baby-Led Weaning * says that this doesn’t have to be so.  She advocates letting babies transition to solids by giving them table foods.  She says that skipping the pureed foods is actually more natural and better for babies, and her ideas are catching on.

In this podcast interview, Tanya Lieberman IBCLC spoke with Gill about giving table foods to babies:  why do it, how to do it, common concerns, and some tips for getting started.

*Weaning in the U.K., where Rapley resides, means the transition to solid foods, not stopping  breastfeeding.  We were provided with a review copy of this book.