Podcast: How to care for your c-section scar, with the author of Ending Female Pain

Did you know that in some countries in Europe all moms who have had c-sections get physical therapy to care for their incisions and recover from the surgery?

Did you know that some women go for years with pain and other complications from their c-section scars, when some simple exercises make a big difference?

Isa Herrera wishes that wishes that all mothers had great care after their c-sections.  She is a physical therapist and owner of Renew Physical Therapy in New York, where she specializes in caring for women’s gynecologic pain.  She is author of Ending Female Pain: A Woman’s Manual.

Isa spoke with Tanya Lieberman about how mothers can care for their c-section scars, reduce pain, and increase mobility.  They discussed scar massage and yoga poses, and other ways to help us recover.

You can listen to the interview using the player below!