Seasonal allergies?  Herbs to the rescue!

Seasonal allergies? Herbs to the rescue!


Allergy season is in full swing again, so we thought we’d share some information on herbs to relieve your seasonal suffering.

We love herbs for their power to do everything from heal skin to support milk supply, so we thought we’d share some information on the many herbs that can help with seasonal allergies.*  Sure, there are plenty of pharmaceutical solutions, but isn’t it more poetic to counter allergies caused by plants with…more plants?

Nettle.  We use nettle to support milk supply in many of our products, but it can also be helpful in treating seasonal allergies.  Freeze-drying nettle preserves its antihistamine properties, so freeze-dried nettle is commonly recommended.  In one randomized controlled trial half of the participants found nettle to be equally or more effective than their prescription medicine.

Butterbur Used traditionally for inflammation, recent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of butterbur in treating allergies.  One study found that butterbur extract was as effective as a popular antihistamine medication in controlling symptoms of hay fever, without drowsiness.  The raw form of this plant should never be eaten, and some urge caution in using this plant if you have ragweed allergies.

Bromelain.  Bromelian is a derivative of pineapple and pineapple stem, and may be useful in treating symptoms like nasal swelling and runny nose.  It’s used to thin mucus, and in doing so may help in preventing sinus infections.

* This information is presented for educational purposes only, and not as medical advice.  Consult the Infant Risk Center for information on the use of these herbs in pregnancy and lactation.  Image credit:  Butterbur, Wikimedia Commons

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