The Birth Survey: Share your experience, learn from other moms

Are you pregnant and interested in other moms’ experiences at your area hospitals?  Want to know what they think about different OBs and midwives?

Or have you given birth in the last three years and want to share your experience with your providers and hospital?

Then check out The Birth Survey, a project of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services(CIMS).  CIMS is a national coalition of organizations and individuals which promotes an evidence-based model of maternity care to improve birth outcomes and reduce costs.

The goal of the The Birth Survey is to give moms the information they need to make informed choices about where they birth, and to give providers and hospitals information they can use to improve their services.  And who is better qualified to describe your experience than you?

The Survey takes some time to complete (settle down with a cup of tea when you do it), but you can save your progress and resume at another time.  We think it’s worth your time.  And other moms will thank you for it!