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What Can I Use for My C-Section Scar?

As many moms know, a c-section scar is a lasting reminder of your baby arriving via a caesarean delivery. While Motherlove doesn’t make a specific salve to use on a c-section scar, we actually recommend using Motherlove’s Nipple Cream after the incision has fully healed! Though this softening salve was created to ease sore, cracked nursing nipples, it contains calendula which has traditionally been used to provide remedial relief and to help reduce the effects of scarring.

In addition, some women also find success in using Green Salve after the incision has fully healed. The Green Salve soothes and eases discomfort. In addition to calendula and marshmallow root, it contains plantain leaf to help with discomfort and comfrey to help prevent scarring.