Your Tips for Distracted Nurslings

The cat.  Noise from a passing car.  A toy just out of reach.  Your nose.
They’re all sources of distractions which can make our nurslings pop on and off the breast.
We asked fans of our Facebook page to share your favorite tips for distracted nursers, and we’ve compiled these great suggestions below!
  • “Going into another (quiet) room”
  • “Dimmed lights”
  • “Eye contact”
  • “Singing, talking”
  • “Side-lying position”
  • “Nursing/teething necklace that he can play with. Game changer!”
  • “Holding hands”
  • “Nursing at night time”
  • “Waiting a few minutes with a small distraction in between”
  • “Holding and walking in the dark”
  • “Classical music, until she’s calm and still”
  • “Laying down in bed and holding hands or letting him play with my hand”
  • “Letting him explore whatever it is to satisfy his curiosity, and then going back to nursing”