Foeniculum Vulgare


Fennel seed has been linked to a list of health benefits, largely because of its nutrient-dense contents. Fennel contains over four different genres of vitamins, as well as minerals like manganese, folate, potassium, and iron. 

Why You Might Find it Helpful 

Fennel has several essential minerals and vitamins that can have positive effects on your health when ingested in moderation. 

Aside from containing many essential vitamins and minerals, fennel is a natural source of estrogen and contains high levels of dietary nitrates. As a source of natural estrogen, fennel may be helpful to regulate menstrual cycles, ease period-related cramping, and stimulate breast milk production. 

Motherlove uses fennel in our blended supplements, such as More Milk, More Milk Plus line, More Milk Special Blend line, More Milk Moringabecause it has been known to be both a natural galactagogue and a digestive aid. These properties can make it effective for counteracting some of the possible side effects of fenugreek, such as gastric upset.

What It Looks Like

Fennel is a licorice-flavored, feathery, aromatic herb. It grows to be several feet tall with umbels of small, yellow flowers that look very similar to a dill plant. Fennel’s peak growing season is fall through winter, though it has been known to be planted in the spring as well. 

Things to Know

Please consult with your healthcare provider before consuming any herbal product.