Rosmarinus Officinalis


Rosemary has been used for centuries — as far back as ancient Egypt! The herb was historically used as a gift or ceremonial plant, but eventually, the plant was used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Due to the herb’s phenolic compounds, it has been known to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties for the skin.

Why You Might Find it Helpful

Motherlove uses rosemary for its calming skin-nurturing properties. In particular, rosemary is known to help bring blood flow to the surface, which is a critical component in wound healing. These properties make it the perfect choice to include in our C-Section Cream. 

What It Looks Like

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that thrives in dry soil with full sunlight. Rosemary is a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is native to the Mediterranean, though today, it can be found around the globe. The herb is identifiable by its needle-like leaves, potent aroma, and small flowers. Rosemary flowers can range in size and color, however, most will bloom with white/purple color variations. 

Things to Know

Motherlove uses rosemary in our topical cream formula. You should only be using our C-Section Cream externally.