6 Remarkable Properties of Breast Milk

August 25, 2017

Breast milk provides wholesome nutrition to babies, but that’s just the beginning. Scientific studies and the experience of nursing mothers continue to confirm that breast milk has an array of surprising characteristics and powerful health benefits. Whether a mother is producing an ample supply of breast milk when her baby is born or can benefit from the natural, herbal support for lactation and breast milk production of a product like Motherlove Malunggay (Moringa) capsules, the food she is supplying her baby is simply perfect.

Breast Milk: The Perfect Food in So Many Ways

To describe breast milk’s ability to feed and protect a baby as “miraculous” would not be an exaggeration. Here are just a few of the attributes that make it the perfect food:

  1. Breast milk is a “living fluid” that adapts to baby’s needs. Your breast milk contains a wide range of substances that feed and protect your baby, from vital nutrients to white blood cells and powerful antimicrobial agents. In fact, if you get sick, specialized white blood cells quickly appear in your breast milk to help protect your baby. And, on the flip side, if baby catches a bug, the germs that are transferred to your breasts trigger the production of antibodies that help baby (and you) fight off the invading organism.
  2. The fat content of breast milk changes throughout the day. However, as long as your baby is breastfeeding effectively and you do not cut feedings short, your baby will receive about the same amount of milk fat over the course of a day no matter what the breastfeeding pattern.
  3. Kissing your baby changes the composition of your breast milk. When your lips come in contact with your baby’s skin, you are effectively sampling the pathogens that are present. Your body then produces the appropriate antibodies and delivers them through your breast milk in order to boost his immune system and help protect him from disease.
  4. Breast milk includes more sleep-inducing components at night. A study by researchers in Spain has shown that breast milk composition changes at night, having a higher level of sleep-inducing neurotransmitters. This information can be especially helpful to mothers who express milk during the day to use during nighttime feedings. Baby may sleep better if the last feeding before bedtime is from the breast.
  5. Breast milk evolves as your baby gets older. The nutritional and disease-fighting makeup of breast milk changes as your baby grows. For example, some substances related to the functioning of your baby’s immune system become more concentrated in the second year of life, perfectly timed to when she is becoming more mobile and is likely to start interacting with other toddlers and the natural pathogens they carry.
  6. The taste of breast milk changes with your diet. This interesting fact may have implications in whether or not your child becomes a fussy eater in later life. Eating a wide variety of healthy foods while you are nursing may help your baby create a positive association with those flavors that stay with them as they wean and start eating solid foods.

Herbal Support for One of Nature’s Most Amazing Foods

Mothers have known throughout history that breast milk has the power to keep babies well fed, happy, and healthy. Products like Motherlove Malunggay (Moringa) capsules provide natural support for breast milk production so moms can consistently give their babies the nutrition and immune system boost they need.




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