Trauma from childbirth?  Listen to our podcast interview

November 18, 2013

iStock_000000105626XSmallDid you have intrusive thoughts about your birth?  Flashbacks?  Do you steer clear of hospitals, or try to avoid talking about your birth?

We’re very happy to share a podcast interview on trauma from childbirth, with Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, health psychologist and trauma expert.

Dr. Kendall-Tackett is health psychologist, and Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics.  She is president-elect of the Trauma Division of the American Psychological Association, and the incoming editor-in-chief of the Journal of Psychological Trauma.  She has authored more than 300 articles and 24 books on maternal depression, trauma, family violence and breastfeeding, including Depression in New Mothers and Breastfeeding Made Simple.

Dr. Kendall-Tackett discussed what trauma looks like, what experiences tend to cause trauma, partners and trauma, strategies for healing from trauma, ideas for preparing for a subsequent birth, and post-traumatic growth.  She also discusses the relationship between trauma and breastfeeding, and answers your questions submitted on Facebook.

You can listen with the player below!

Nicola Wheldrake

Hi, I just listened to your podcast today.  I can’t believe I am hearing all this, I have been suffering after a birth trauma in 2006 and a subsequent one with my son in 2010. So four years later I am now having help with a psychologist and am having EMDR therapy and learning to practice mind-fullness.  I have suffered with depression and anxiety and ptsd to give my symptoms a name.  I wish I had found your podcast out there.  I am still listening…. and I also had a doula after my second child as I was too unwell to cope with day to day life.  I have suffered with severe headaches and had suspected Sheehan’s Syndrome.  I was so confused at the time I had to make sense of what happened to me. I nearly died, and my son was born 8 weeks premature so was in SCBU for a month before coming home.
I live in Guildford, Surrey in England.
Thank you.

Carrie Willard

Thank you! I had a 27 weeker preemie who had an 11 week NICU stay. The pregnancy, birth (my first C-section), NICU, and breastfeeding have been the worst time of my life. At 8 weeks adjusted, I am just now feeling the stress lessen. just now beginning to feel normal feelings about my postpartum life and little one. This is my 7th baby, and my first 6 were wonderful, homebirths and breastfeeding experiences. I’ve been fortunate. But I wish there had been more support for me during my son’s NICU stay. It was a nightmare. Why was there no Psych consult? Don’t doctors know the statistics on parents of preemies and PTSD? There was NO education for me in learning how to pump full time, something I had NO experience with. It was emotionally exhausting when I “failed” to pump enough and my son had to have some formula, something my other babies never had. Thank you Dr. Kendall-Tackett for your work!

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