Different Flange Size for Each Breast?

February 13, 2019

No two breasts are the same so don’t assume your pump flanges should be the same size!

All breast pumps come with at least one set of breast flanges, also known as breast shields, averaging in size from 24-27 millimeters. However, did you know that it is extremely common for a person to need different size flanges for each breast? Even at Motherlove, one of our staff mamas uses two different flange sizes while pumping! She uses sizes 21mm and 24mm for those who are curious!

If you think about it, most breast sizes are not created equal, even on the same person. Two breasts are likely to vary slightly in size and shape, therefore, it is highly likely that your nipple sizes will also vary in size and shape. If you are using the same size flanges on each breast while pumping and you experience pain on just one side, it might be helpful to experiment with different flange sizes until the pain recedes.

Choosing correct fitting flanges is an important step when you begin pumping. An incorrect flange size can actually have a negative effect on your milk supply, as it can put pressure on your milk ducts and prevent the milk from freely flowing. When your flanges fit correctly, pumping will be comfortable and you will be able to maximize your milk output. To learn how to find the correct flange size, watch this video below:



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