Alternative Uses for Motherlove Products

Alternative Uses for Motherlove Products

Motherlove staff members are frequently on the road attending lactation conferences, visiting stores and conducting trainings at hospitals throughout the United States. We never get tired of meeting our customers and hearing about how our products helped families – whether it is how our More Milk Plus helped a mother reach her breastfeeding goals or how our Diaper Balm finally helped soothe that pesky diaper rash.

Being on the road has also given us the opportunity to hear about the many ways people use our products in ‘alternative’ ways. While we didn’t create the products for the uses that are described below, it has been fun to hear about the ways in which they are used around the home. If you have any others, let us know!


Nipple Cream 

Nipple Cream is an olive oil base infused with marshmallow root and calendula. These skin softening and skin healing herbs make this a versatile product. People have used Nipple Cream in the following ways:

  • On the inside of their noses to keep them moist during dry winters.
  • One rugged Colorado guy uses it secretly on his hands during camping trips to keep them soft.
  • As lip balm.
  • The vet couldn’t do anything for a dog’s chronically running nose that resulted in deeply cracked skin, but Nipple Cream helped heal the skin and prevent future cracks. Plus, it is totally ingestible!
  • Nipple Cream has even served as a matchmaker! A friend of our founder, Kathryn, knew Kathryn made Nipple Cream and thought this was a funny product to make. He mentioned this to his friend, Jim and when Jim met Kathryn he brought it up! Jim and Kathryn have been together for a few years now!
Rhoid Balm

Rhoid Balm helps ease the itch and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids but it can do more!

  • Some people reported using it as a zit cream (witch hazel leaf is an astringent).
  • One of our staff members even had it on hand to help lubricate her car’s squeaky window on a road trip!
Pregnant Belly Salve

Pregnant Belly Salve helps prevent stretch marks and takes the itch out of growing skin. We recommend using it on anything that is growing during pregnancy – belly, breasts and hips. However, since it is very moisturizing, it has alternative uses as well.

  • As a foot moisturizer in the winter. Simply cover your feet with Pregnant Belly Salve, put on socks and head to bed.
  • One Esthetician uses this product to clean and moisturize her face every night. She recommends massaging it over your face and placing a warm wash cloth on top for 30 seconds. After that, use the same cloth to wipe off the salve. This leaves her face clean and moist!
Green Salve

The first product that our founder Kathryn ever made, Green Salve is great for taking the itch out of mosquito bites and helps soothe and ease skin irritations and chapped skin.

  • After a rough hockey game, one customer always uses Green Salve to help with her bruises.
  • Another customer rubs it on her hands to help soothe them after a long day in the garden.
Sitz Bath Spray

Sitz Bath Spray is convenient to use and helps ease the discomfort after childbirth. However, it’s astringent herbs and small amount of essential oils make this product even more versatile.

  • While on the road, one staff member uses this product as a room freshener. You may also see her spraying the air during trade shows as well! It smells delicious.
  • As a face freshening spray. The combination of witch hazel leaf and lavender makes this spray feel great as a pick-me up on hot days!
*Motherlove products are intended for use as indicated on product label
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