Do you leak when you cough, laugh, jump? Listen to our podcast on reversing incontinence after baby!

When you run, when you sneeze, when you lift something heavy…

Millions of women experience stress incontinence after having a baby.  And millions more will develop incontinence as they age.  But there’s a lot you can do about it, and our podcast discussion this month is all about that.

Tanya spoke with Tasha Mulligan, physical therapist and personal trainer, and creator of the Hab-It: Pelvic Floor DVD.  She’s passionate about helping women like herself rehab their pelvic floors and reverse stress incontinence.

They spoke about how the pelvic floor is related to incontinence, how to properly do Kegels, how rehabbing your pelvic floor is about much more than Kegels, and answered lots of your questions!

You can listen to this interview with the player below!