Fenugreek-Free Supplements from Motherlove

Fenugreek-Free Supplements from Motherlove

If you know even just a little about herbal galactagogues, or herbs that support lactation, you’ve probably heard of fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herb that is often recommended to support breast milk supply and is known to be pretty fast acting. Two of Motherlove’s best selling supplements, More Milk Plus and More Milk Special Blend are blends of herbs, including fenugreek. Many mothers find success with these blends, however, here are some popular options for moms who wish to avoid this herb:


More Milk Moringa is Motherlove's newest fenugreek-free blend. This herbal supplement is specifically created to help support breast milk supply for mothers who have a fenugreek sensitivity or are looking to enhance their supply. More Milk Moringa includes the superfood herb, moringa, which is known to optimize milk supply and is high in vitamins, minerals, and iron.


Moringa: Malunggay is very nutritious  - it is very high in iron, vitamins, potassium, and protein. In fact, evidence shows that malunggay can act as a galactagogue, a natural substance that increases milk production, even among mothers who give birth to preterm infants. Some people take malunggay as a regular multivitamin but here at Motherlove, we dose our malunggay for the purpose of breastfeeding. What makes our malunggay unique, compared to other options on the shelf, is that we always provide our supplements in a liquid form, in this case, in a liquid vegetarian capsule. When it comes to taking herbal supplements, taking a liquid tincture or liquid capsule, as opposed to a tea or a dried herb capsule, delivers more of the potent properties needed, and is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream.


One of our newer additions to the line is an Aruyvedic herb called Shatavari. Native to the Himalayas, this herb is known as the ‘herb of a 100 husbands’ and has phytoestrogen, or plant-based estrogen, properties. Women often take shatavari in times of hormonal imbalances, such as during menstruation, menopause, and lactation. We provide the adequate dosing to support lactation and many women find this is a great supplement to take when a low milk supply may be a result of hormonal imbalances.


Goat’s Rue is another galactagogue and is thought to support the development of mammary tissue. Motherlove offers this herb as a single supplement, in addition to being in the blend of More Milk Special Blend. Goat’s Rue can be very helpful to women who did not see an increase in their cup size during pregnancy. This galactagogue can also be beneficial for moms who have had past breast surgeries or adoptive moms who want to breastfeed. Goat’s Rue is available in a tincture or a liquid capsule.

As you can see, Motherlove has a number of different lactation supplements available that are fenugreek-free. If you have any questions about the products, you are always welcome to email us or call us. As always, please consult your physician or IBCLC before taking any supplement and feel free to reach out to us at Motherlove if you have any questions or concerns.

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