Gifts to teach kids about the wonders of herbs!

Gifts to teach kids about the wonders of herbs!

At Motherlove we're always learning more about herbs and their remarkable healing and nourishing properties.  There is so much to know - it's a lifelong educational journey!

We think that childhood is the perfect time to embark on that journey, and we have several gift ideas to get kids learning and making their own herbal products from an early age.  When shopping for holiday gifts this year, we hope you'll consider these books, kits, and games to get them started!

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game is a cooperative board game that teaches kids (ages 4 and up) and adults about edible and medicinal plants!  Wildcraft takes players on a journey to collect berries and bring them to Grandma's house.  Along they way players encounter various ailments, and learn how to use herbs to treat them.  Made in the U.S.A. with eco-friendly materials. A portion of proceeds benefits United Plant Savers.


A Kid's Herb Book.  An herbal workbook for kids, this book guides kids in making healing “potions,” salves, and syrups with recipes, and teaches about herbs through projects, stories, songs, coloring pages, and gardening instruction. A wealth of information, entertainingly presented, for your little herbalist!

Medicinal Plants Coloring Book. This coloring book of medicinal herbs presents 44 botanically accurate drawings.  Each drawing is accompanied by a description of the medicinal uses of the plant and information on where it's found.  A guide shows how each plant should be colored.

Green Toys Indoor Garden Kit.  It'll be a long wait from the holidays to outdoor planting time, but kids can start planting herbs this winter with this kids indoor garden kit!  It includes three pots with a tray, trowel, three packs of organic seeds (zinnia or basil or teddybear sunflower), and three soil discs.  Made from recycled milk containers and recommended for kids 5 and up. 

Wild Cards.  This deck of playing cards is printed with photos and descriptions of 52 different edible plants.  Great for learning plant identification, especially on the go with kids!

Picture books about herbs.  There are many beautiful books about herbs and their powers to heal and nourish.  Here are a few titles worth checking out: The Herbalist of Yarrow:  A Fairy Tale of Plant Wisdom, I'm a Medicine Woman, Too! Wildflower Tea, Bloomin' Tales: Seven Favorite Wildflower Legends


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