Herb Sediments in Tinctures

Herb Sediments in Tinctures

Ever wonder what that dark residue on the dropper of your tincture is? It's herbal sediment!


What it is

This “gunk” is a completely normal residue resulting from sediment of extracted herbs. Because Motherlove products contain actual herb particles, this characteristic is typical of herbal liquid extracts, and in no way compromises the quality of the product.

Sediment often collects inside and around the dropper and shaking the bottle prior to use can help release some of the particles. The dark color is from the herbs in each product and can vary in color from a green to a very dark brown or black.

What it isn't

Many moms are concerned that they received a moldy tincture. Rest assured, the alcohol or vegetable glycerin in each liquid extract acts as a preservative and inhibits mold from developing. The alcohol-free formulas (where the alcohol has been steamed off and replaced with glycerin) often have a greater collection of herbs in and around the dropper because glycerin is sticky and causes more particles to adhere to surfaces.


Furthermore, all Motherlove supplements are made in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility. Each individual herb is quality tested prior to use in our products; and all finished formulas are then independently tested for mold, bacteria, E. Coli, microbial contamination, and heavy metals by a third party lab.

We know that what you put into your body when you are breastfeeding affects both you and your baby, so rest assured and know that your Motherlove herbal extract is safe for consumption!

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