Is Your Hospital Gown Breastfeeding Friendly?

Is Your Hospital Gown Breastfeeding Friendly?

You’re probably familiar with the typical itchy, chemical-smelling hospital gown. These medical gowns have been worn by generations of women as they birth and bond with their newborn baby. But did you know that those faded gowns can actually be breastfeeding restrictive? Most common hospital gowns don’t have adequate access to share skin-to-skin bonding time with your baby immediately after birth and they are difficult to maneuver when trying to initiate breastfeeding. Many women inevitably take the gown off during labor or in recovery, which can leave them feeling vulnerable and exposed. Well, BG Birthing Gown has just the solution! Designed by a labor and delivery nurse, this full-coverage gown is intended to be worn during birth, immediately following birth for skin-to-skin and breastfeeding, and as a fourth-trimester nursing gown.

By now, the importance of skin-to-skin on breastfeeding initiation well-known. Research has shown that skin-to-skin benefits healthy, full-term babies as well as; improve their respiration, heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, immunity, and ability to self-attach at the breast. The BG is the ideal hospital apparel to allow this for this important first step of your baby’s breastfeeding journey. Velcro flaps at the shoulder not only provide access for medical equipment, but they open for easy chest access for your baby to snuggle right up. When your little one is tucked under the soft, warm gentle stretch of the BG, she is nestled next to your skin, smelling your milk, and making her more likely to seek out your breast. After coming home from the hospital, this indulgently soft gown is machine washable so you can wear it throughout your fourth trimester as you bond and breastfeed your newborn.

The BG is the perfect way to welcome your baby into the world. It’s your baby’s birth day so why not dress for the occasion!

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